Dr. Chuck and his team made the Invisalign process so easy. Him and his team made me feel comfortable and we’re there every step of the way with any questions I had. I’m extremely happy with my results and would highly recommend.

Alessia S

I had a ton of questions about Lethbridge Invisalign braces, like how much are Invisalign braces? Am I a good candidate for them? How long will I need to wear the braces? Are Invisalign better than smile direct? Do I need to come into Lethbridge often for adjustments? The dentist was good about answering them all, and it turns out that the invisalign braces were cheaper than regular braces, they were pretty much unnoticeable, and I was able to finance them with small monthly payments. Also, since I am out of Lethbridge I was able to use dental AI technology to scan my teeth weekly at home and the dentist was able to monitor my teeth straightening remotely, saving me from having to visit the dental office frequently. I totally recommend Lethbridge Invisalign braces from clearly dental as they were able to fix my teeth and give me an amazing smile.

Rob C

Lethbridge Invisalign braces are comfortable and easy to remove when you're eating. I had a few crooked teeth on my bottom row and now I don't. I couldn't be happier with the quick results I'm seeing, even after 6 weeks! Clearly dental in Lethbridge takes the time to answers all my questions and concerns.

Lisa S

I was super impressed. Fixed an issue with my bite that dentists have missed for years. I am thrilled.

Kallie V

Dr. Chuck is rare gem in this community. He's fair, honest, and talented. He's direct and to the point, which is exactly what you want when your quality of life is on the line. This is a man who genuinely cares about your wellbeing, not just sending you a bill.

Jeannie V

Dr. Chuck is the Man. Fast, Skilled and thoughtful. Adtually cares about individuals and pursues what’s effective and healthy, instead of just blind adherence to strictly orthodox methods. #fullmouthReno


I received Invisalign braces from Dr. Chuck. The result is amazing. He made me feel confident in my smile. He was fast at responding to any questions and always got me in fast for appointments. He is very friendly and easy to talk to. Would recommend to anyone. His office manager was very kind and helped me understand the financial side of it and was amazing. Great team!

Jordiee L

Dr Chuck has been my most favorite dentist in Southern Alberta. He listens to your issues, he wants the best for you bottom line. He is your first line battle for healthy teeth and gums. Aesthetics are your call, and he has some pretty fantastic procedures and implementations for you to choose at your discretion. From intake to outtake, his team is top notch. You will not be disappointed.

Rachel F

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Dr. Chuck Galambos has been our owner and operator since our clinic opened.  Dr Chuck graduated in the ‘80s from the University of Toronto; one of Canada’s most prestigious dental schools. As a new dentist seeking opportunity to expand his skills, Dr. Chuck practiced in the Far North, near the Arctic Ocean and subsequently northern Alberta for over 6 years before moving to Southern Alberta and establishing a dental clinic in Lethbridge.
Eager to make use of new technology and make dentistry easier, Dr Chuck continues to upgrade his equipment and skills. He has been doing braces since 1996 and in 2017 recognized Invisalign as simply a better way to straighten teeth.
As a family man who is active in the Lethbridge community, Dr. Chuck has been a Rotarian since 2002 and is currently an active member of the Rotary Club of Lethbridge East Club.  He spends his free time camping, hiking, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors right on our doorstep. In 2018 he trained to be a licensed paramotor pilot and if you look up in the summer, you’ll see him around Lethbridge in calm air at sunset.