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Don’t let ANYONE tell you, you can’t have Invisalign –  YOU CAN!

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The limitations of Invisalign clear aligners is not the product itself. The limitations are in the hands of the provider. A dentist with lots of training and experience can fix most crooked teeth cases. Contact us today for a FREE 1hr assessment.

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The Facts

No Hidden Fees

When we provide a price for your treatment, it is the full price and all your will pay. No extra fees, just honest pricing

No Credit Checks

We don't do credit checks on our patients. Our various payment options make use of your already existing credit, employee health benefits, and approved payment arrangements.

0% Interest Payment Plans

While you’re in treatment with us, we charge no interest on your account.  All the details of your individualized payment schedule is done in advance.

Affordable Payment Plans

We want everyone to have Invisalign. We will work with your budget to customize a payment plan that is mutually acceptable.

Live out of Town?

"Our office uses the internet to closely monitor your progress on a weekly basis, so your visits to our office can be every 3-6 months. VERY convenient for busy moms or out of town clients.

Free Invisalign Consultations

Assessments and Consultations for Invisalign clear aligners are FREE. We also gladly provide second opinions. We know Invisalign.

Straight forward. Simple pricing with

Everyone is unique. We want everyone to be able to afford Invisalign. It’s a life changing experience! We offer preferred pricing for more than one family member getting treatment at the same time.


From $5100
  • For kids 10-12
  • To create space and line up the front teeth
  • Treatment as quick as 6 months.


From $5600
  • For kids 10-16
  • To create a near perfect result
  • Treatment in 2 or more stages over 5 years


From $5700
  • Adults at any age
  • To satisfy the complaints of the patient in idealizing their smile


It is always easier and more predictable to CREATE space for the permanent teeth to come into place. That’s why clear aligners for children are getting so popular.

Doesn’t it make sense to create space for the permanent teeth to come in straight, rather than correcting teeth when they grow crooked? And the best thing of all is, children are very cooperative and want to please. The great thing for the dentist is, teeth move quickly and predictably in growing children. Also, the dentist can take advantage of growth to create a perfect smile quickly and permanently. Age 10 is the ideal time to start!

 Since teens are the most social and often self-conscious about their appearance, clear aligners are the perfect solution. With aligners, you can take them out to eat, so lifestyle isn’t compromised. The psycho-social benefits of a beautiful smile  in young adults can’t be measured!

Many health benefits can be derived from having a straight and solid bite. This is what straightening your teeth with Invisalign braces will help you achieve. Our scanner will show us what we can do to improve your smile. Come try it out!

Sometimes adults need to focus on themselves.  If you have always wanted a straighter and more aesthetically pleasing smile, now might be the time of your life to look into clear aligners.  After years of having teeth not in the right place can cause excessive wear, tooth breakage and discomfort. Clear aligners can coordinate your bite, so your teeth last longer.
Having them look great is just a bonus!

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Giving you a “WOW” experience is our goal. Let us put a smile on your face!

The Procedure, Easy as 1-2-3….


Call us for a FREE Assessment

We’ll listen to what you want, take some photos and an x-ray or two and then we’ll look at your teeth and tell you what is possible AND give you a quote.


Create A Plan

We’ll work with you to set up a mutually acceptable payment plan.


Start Treatment

Dr Chuck will get to work designing a 3D plan to align your teeth quickly and efficiently and a couple of weeks later you’ll have your first appointment!

Let us help you achieve your brightest and straightest smile. Contact us for a free consultation today.


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Dr. Chuck Galambos has been our owner and operator since our clinic opened.  Dr Chuck graduated in the ‘80s from the University of Toronto; one of Canada’s most prestigious dental schools. As a new dentist seeking opportunity to expand his skills, Dr. Chuck practiced in the Far North, near the Arctic Ocean and subsequently northern Alberta for over 6 years before moving to Southern Alberta and establishing a dental clinic in Lethbridge.
Eager to make use of new technology and make dentistry easier, Dr Chuck continues to upgrade his equipment and skills. He has been doing braces since 1996 and in 2017 recognized Invisalign as simply a better way to straighten teeth.
As a family man who is active in the Lethbridge community, Dr. Chuck has been a Rotarian since 2002 and is currently an active member of the Rotary Club of Lethbridge East Club.  He spends his free time camping, hiking, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors right on our doorstep. In 2018 he trained to be a licensed paramotor pilot and if you look up in the summer, you’ll see him around Lethbridge in calm air at sunset.